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Pillow Lock™ System
Technical Features

Pillow Lock™ System

The Pillow Lock™ System comprises of self-adhesive hook-and-loop patches which are supplied with all Sea to Summit sleeping mats (as of Spring 2019),

Attached to your sleeping mat, these patches secure your pillow and prevent it slipping – yet they will not snag on clothing or other lightweight fabrics.

All Sea to Summit Pillows (as of Spring 2019) are compatible with this system. Existing pillows can be made Pillow Lock™ compatible by adding an Aeros Pillow Case.

34 thoughts on “Pillow Lock™ System

  1. avatar Baz says:

    G’day Michael

    The PillowLock patches do indeed come with the sleeping mats. If your mat came without patches, we’d be happy to send you a set of the self-adhesive PillowLock patches, free of charge. Email us at with your mailing address and a daytime phone number and we’ll get a set of patches on their way to you.


  2. avatar Michael Hernandez says:

    Is the sleep lock system a patch that comes with the pad? purchased an UL women’s insulated sleeping pad for my wife from REI. There were no extra accessories other that the stuff sack that can be used to inflate the pad.

    I have a sea to summit pillow and I was thinking of gifting it to her to complete her set.

  3. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Johan

    Providing the underside of the Pillowcase is relatively flat, it will adhere perfectly to the PillowLock patches on a mat. It might be better to fold rather than stuff the jacket to achieve this.

    The Sea to Summit team

  4. avatar Johan says:


    I’m wondering if the pillow lock system will work using only the Aeros Pillow Case stuffed with a down jacket onto to a compatible sleeping pad?

  5. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Marc

    If you’re in the USA or Canada, email our customer service team at, let them know your address and they’ll be happy to take care of you.


    The Sea to Summit team


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