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Pillow Lock™ System
Technical Features

Pillow Lock™ System

The Pillow Lock™ System comprises of self-adhesive hook-and-loop patches which are supplied with all Sea to Summit sleeping mats (as of Spring 2019),

Attached to your sleeping mat, these patches secure your pillow and prevent it slipping – yet they will not snag on clothing or other lightweight fabrics.

All Sea to Summit Pillows (as of Spring 2019) are compatible with this system. Existing pillows can be made Pillow Lock™ compatible by adding an Aeros Pillow Case.

24 thoughts on “Pillow Lock™ System

  1. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Dev,

    The PillowLock system was launched in Spring of 2019 – all Aeros Pillows were revised to have a new exterior fabric that works with the PillowLock patches. The solution is indeed to purchase a Sea to Summit Aeros Pillowcase – we would be happy to check with the UK distributor to find a retailer who has these in stock; just email us at


    The Sea to Summit team

  2. avatar Dev says:

    Hi there,I was wondering about the pillow lock system,I just got the comfort plus insulated air mattress with this new pillow lock system. Brilliant mat in fact it’s the best mat I have ever used.

    My question is- I have an aeros premium large pillow and either I’m doing something wrong or this lock system is not working for me the mattress is the 2019/2020 model but my pillow 2016/2017 model is that why it’s not sticking to the hook and loop system used on lock system? I’d tried other material and nothing seems to stick to them at all. They are very smooth to the touch and dnt seem to have hook/loops at all?are the later model pillows made of a different material? Or do I need to buy a pillowcase? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and take care.

  3. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day, Luke –

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Any Sea to Summit pillow with the Pillow Lock™ symbol printed on the base can be attached to the Pillow Lock patches supplied with Sea to Summit Air and Self-Inflating mats. We don’t sell the patches separately, but if you have an older Sea to Summit sleeping mat, shoot us an email at with an image of your mat and your mailing address and we’ll get a set of patches to you (and if you don’t own a Sea to Summit sleeping mat, now may be the perfect time to upgrade to one…)


    The Sea to Summit team

  4. avatar Luke Pearsall says:

    I bought a STS Aeros Ultralight Pillow this past week on the sale. I’m assuming it is the right model to be attached with Pillow Locks. Is there any way to purchase them separately to work with my existing sleeping pad? Thanks so much!

  5. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Mihail,

    Here’s how to tell if your Aeros Pillow is compatible with the Pillow Lock™ system: if it has the Pillow Lock™ symbol (see image at the top of this blog post) printed on it, it will work with the Pillow Lock adhesive patches. If it does not have this symbol, you will need to purchase a Sea to Summit Pillowcase for your pillow to make it Pillow Lock compatible. (The Sea to Summit blog is maintained from our offices in North America. It’s not possible for us to know what products a European discount reseller may be selling – even though you purchased the pillow in 2019, it may be a pre-2019 model)

    As far as the spacing of the self-adhesive patches is concerned, the patch locators printed on the Etherlight mat will work perfectly with an Aeros Ultralight Large pillow if it is Pillow Lock compatible.

    If you have any questions on the above, please email us at – let us know where you are located (including city and country); we will be happy to assist you further


    The Sea to Summit Team


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