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Exkin® Platinum
Technical Features

Exkin® Platinum

This is a very lightweight non-woven fabric that has a thin metalized layer applied to the surface. Exkin® Platinum thermal technology reflects radiant heat back to the user. Unlike reflective films used in conventional sleeping pads, Exkin® Platinum is silent.

4 thoughts on “Exkin® Platinum

  1. avatar Baz says:

    Thanks for reaching out to us, Monique. Unfortunately, we don’t sell fabrics. Some materials in our products are proprietary (so we couldn’t sell them anyway) and all of them would have to be shipped from our Design department in Perth, Australia which would be a really expensive proposition. Sorry we can’t help you in this case.

  2. avatar Monique DiCarlo says:

    I wonder if it is possible to obtain a couple of yards of this material?

  3. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Tom

    Thanks for your question. In an air mat (regardless of brand), the reflective layer reflects radiant heat equally well regardless of which way up a mat is facing – so there is no ‘warmer’ or ‘cooler’ side.

    When the ground is cold, the reflective layer (in a Sea to Summit mat, this is a silent material called Exkin Platinum) will significantly reduce heat loss into the ground. When the ground is warmer, there is less or no heat loss into the ground; but the sleeper will not perceive this as being warmer.

    If you have questions on this, email us at


    The Sea to Summit team

  4. avatar SeaToSummit says:

    Is this reflective in both directions? I.e. can you turn it over to avoid the reflectance when you are camping somewhere warm and only want the comfort?

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