Alpha Pot Set 2.0

Easy to clean and easy to pack


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The new Alpha™ Pots are game changers for preparing simple, fresh and delectable cuisine in the backcountry.  Using a hard-anodized alloy, the Alpha Pots offer an abrasion resistant, easy to clean and durable cooking surface.

The Alpha™ 2 Pot Cook Set 2.0  is an excellent option for two or three people, and includes a 1.2L and 2.7L Alpha Pot.  With clever features like the Pivot-Lock™ handle that locks firmly in place, unique slotted strainer pattern in the lid, silicone Lid Keep™, you'll be looking forward to turning your camp stove on at every meal time.


Weight Comparison

16.2 oz / 459 g ≈ Just a hair more than 4 sticks of butter


Extremely durable, just don't use it on a normal kitchen stove

Best Use

Prepare any gourmet meal you desire, with ease, while on your outdoor adventure

Perfect for

2 People


  • Large internal radius makes the pot easy to clean
  • Each pot has a strainer lid for efficient draining
  • Graded volumetric scale on the side of the pot for easy measurement
  • Patent-pending Pivot-Lock handle with safety lock for secure and easy operation with every pot
  • Textured base for better stability on camping stoves
  • Lightweight, hard-anodized alloy