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Activewear Care Kit

Smelly activewear & footwear is a thing of the past



Recovery after a workout is important for you and your clothing. Our Activewear Care Kit is designed to keep activewear fresh and ensure the same level of wicking performance the technical fabrics had when new.

This kit includes:

Active Wash is a cleaner that removes sweat, dirt and lingering odors found in your workout and outdoor clothing. It maximizes sweat-wicking and breathability properties and reduces drying times. It is perfect for use on all garments made from Merino, Lycra, polyester, and cotton.

Odour Eliminator is a spray that eliminates odors from unwashable items such as shoes, boots, yoga mats, gloves, and helmets.

A Mesh Kit Bag suitable for all activewear. It prevents snagging and tangles, which can damage your much-loved activewear and delicates. It is also great for storing your clothing.


  • Specially formulated to clean all activewear
  • Removes odors, sweat, and dirt
  • Maximizes wicking properties and breathability
  • Reduces drying times

    Suitable For

    • Activewear
    • Footwear
    • Accessories

    How to Use

    • Use 50ml capful per large item, or two smaller items. Use half a cap if handwashing.
    • Pour product directly into the detergent drawer of your Washing Machine.
    • Wash on a full cycle at 86°F/30°C or according to care label instructions.
    • Once washed, check down is evenly distributed, add dryer balls and periodically check throughout the drying cycle.
    • Once completely dry, you’re good to go!


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