FaQs. General Information

When is my order going to ship?

Our goal is to process and ship all orders within 48 hrs. Please note that for orders placed after 2pm on Friday will begin their processing the following Monday morning.

Can I get a replacement lid for my X Pot?

Most assuredly. Take a top down photo of the whole lid and pot and fill out the warranty form and we'll get a new lid in the mail that day! Radical, my friends.

What's your return policy?

It's great! You have 60 days to return your item if it is in the original, unused condition. For all the details and initiating a return, head to our Returns Page.

My Aeros pillow is deflating, what do I do?

First step, do a submersion test! Fill up a sink, inflate the pillow, and submerge it under the water. Take photos of any bubbling while it's immersed, and head over to our warranty page and fill out the form and attach the photo. Once we have a chance to take a peek at all that information, we'll get back to you ASAP.

I haven't received my item. What can I do?

First step will be to check your tracking information. You should have gotten an email from us as soon as your order shipped, and that email will contain relevant tracking information. If you never received that email, reach out to us with your order information and we can track it down for you. If the tracking shows as delivered, but you never got the package, you will have to pursue the claim with USPS or FedEx.

I received the wrong item, what do I do?

Head over to our returns page, and follow the steps. You will get a free shipping label emailed to you to return the item to have the correct one shipped.

Why can't I order to Canada?

We are planning on having a Canadian sales site eventually, but there's a lot of intricacies of international business. In the meantime, head over to our dealer locator to find a retailer near you.

I want to return one or all of the items I ordered, what do I do?

Head over to the returns page and initiate a return, we've made the process very straightforward.

I need a spare part for my item, where can I get one?

We have spare pieces for tons of our items to help them stay in service for as long as possible, head over to the contact us form and let us know the exact product you have, as well as what part you need, and add a photo to give a little more context, and we should be able to get a part out the door in a day or two here.

I love my products! Can I leave a review?

If you purchased directly from us, you will be able to leave a review on our site. If you purchased from another retailer, you will have to leave a review on their site, but every review counts! We appreciate it.

I live in the Front Range of Colorado, can I pick up my order to save on shipping?

No, we are shipping everything to avoid disruptions in our office and warehouse on a daily basis, thank you for understanding.

Pillows & Liners

My pillow is deflating, what should I do?

First step, do a submersion test! Fill up a sink, inflate the pillow, and submerge it under the water. Take photos of any bubbling while it's immersed, and head over to our warranty page. Fill out the form and attach the photos you took, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with next steps.

How should I store my pillow between trips?

We recommend storing the pillow outside the stuff sack, laid flat, with the valves open whenever possible. This helps to prevent any moisture build-up inside the bladder, which can compromise the longevity of the TPU lining.

I lost the stuff sack to my pillow, can I get another

Sure thing! Head over to our contact us page, fill out the form, and tell us the exact model (Ultralight or Premium) and size (Regular, Large, Deluxe, or Traveller) of the pillow. We will get a replacement along on the same day!

What's the warmest sleeping bag liner that you make?

The Thermolite Reactor Fleece will be the warmest of the technical and travel liners that we make. Rather than giving an add-on temperature in degrees, we simply state that it will add a season’s rating to a sleeping bag. It will be noticeably warmer than the Thermolite Reactor Extreme liner.

How do I wash my Aeros pillow?

Do not put your pillow in the washing machine – the wash and spin cycle may well cause the bladder to become twisted inside the ‘pillowcase’ (if you have a Premium Pillow), or cause the TPU lining to separate from the outer fabric (if you have an Ultralight Pillow). We recommend hand washing with a gentle soap and water mixture (Wilderness Wash or Dr. Bronner’s soaps work really well), and if necessary, you can use a non-abrasive sponge. Let the pillow completely air dry with the valves open before storing the pillow flat with the valves still open.

How do I wash my sleeping bag liner?

The simple care instructions are as follows for all of our liners: machine wash in cold water and hang to dry. No special soaps are necessary. Be sure to avoid fabric softeners, as these will compromise the wicking ability of the liner.

Which liner should I choose?

This is a hugely personal choice, and can't be answered in a single quick FAQ answer. A really basic primer looks like this: the Silk, Silk/Cotton, and Expander liners are aimed primarily at travelers. They can be used for backpacking and will add some warmth, but not tons. The Coolmax liners are designed for sleeping bags in warm and humid weather but are also great for travelers who like a more t-shirt like feel for their liner. The Thermolite liners are made for increasing the warmth of your sleeping bag in colder temperatures. The warmer ones can be used as standalone sleeping bag substitutes in warm weather. As with anything in a sleep system, we recommend touching and feeling any of these before buying one.

Why do the liner temperature ratings say "up to _ºF?" Why don't all the liners have temperature ratings?

There are a huge number of variables that impact how effective a liner can be – the most significant of these is the insulation value of your sleeping pad. We don't want to set the expectation that a liner will absolutely add a certain amount of warmth, hence the ‘up to’ designation applied to the Reactor series. Adaptors, Silk and Silk Cotton, and Expander Liners are not specifically designed to add warmth, so we don’t include a temperature designation.

X Pots, Kettles, and X-series Dinnerware

Is it possible to get a replacement lid for my X-Pot or K-Kettle?

Absolutely! Just head on over to our warranty page and fill out the form and include a photo of the damaged lid and pot, and we can get a new lid along to you as soon as possible.

The silicone has cracked on my X product, what do I do?

Sorry to hear that! Take some photos of the inside and out of the product to show the damage and head over to our warranty page and fill that out. We will get in touch as soon as possible about what can be done.

I lost the lid to my X-Seal & Go, can I get another?

Provisionally, yes. These haven't been on the market for very long, so we’re still building a stock of spare parts. We may not currently have the correct color or size available for replacement. Please don't take a replacement from a retail store.

I put my X product in the microwave, and it got bubbly and unusable, what happened?

Damage like this is usually due to microwaving some solid food like a burrito or sweet potato. As a solid food item heated up, it released water vapor which became trapped underneath the food and super-heated into steam. This would have exceeded the melting point of the Nylon 66 base, and would create the damage you are seeing now. Take a few photos and fill out the form on our warranty page, and we can get you squared away.

Can I use my X-Pot on my gas kitchen stove at home?

Simple answer: No, you should not. Longer answer: the lightweight aluminum alloy used on the base of these pots is designed to work with the heat output of camping and compact backpacking stoves only. The heat output from a home gas stove is significantly higher than camp stoves, and even with the pot full of water, it is possible that you might warp or damage the aluminum base or separate the bottom from the sides of the pot.

Can I use my X-Pot with an induction stovetop?

See answer above. The short of it: no, you definitely cannot.

The base of my X-Pot is coming apart from the silicone sides, is this covered under the warranty?

Take a photo of the inside and out of the pot around the separation, and fill out our warranty form, and we'll get back to you with next steps.

Can I use my X-Pot or Kettle over open flame?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The heat will brittle the silicone irreparably and will cause the sides to fail.

Sleeping Mats

My sleeping mat seems to be losing air overnight, what's happening, and what can be done?

Obviously this should not be happening, so let’s try and determine the cause. First thing to do is a submersion test: inflate the mat and start by checking the valve (while closed). Hold the mat vertically to the surface of the water and submerge just the valve, give it a minute or two, as this leak is usually quite slow. Take photos of any air you see escaping. If the valve isn't leaking, check the rest of the body of the mat for any punctures, and mark them with a ballpoint pen (BIC pens work well on wet fabric). If the valve is leaking, head over to the warranty page and fill out the form and we'll get back to you with next steps. If the body is leaking, patch it up and be on your next adventure!

There's a hole in the fabric of my mat, is this covered under warranty?

A hole is the result of damage in the use (the mats are tested at twice normal operating pressure in the factory prior to shipping), so this would not be a warranty issue. We supply a patch kit with every mat to solve this issue quickly and easily!

How should I store my sleeping mat?

With all mats, we recommend giving them a week or two to air out after a trip, so lay them flat with the valves open for a while after use. For insulated mats, we recommend keeping them laid flat, or hung over a clothing hanger. The uninsulated mats can be stored in the stuff sack as there isn't any insulation to compress.

Will mouth inflating my mat damage it?

Sea to Summit air mats use an advanced manufacturing technology which is extremely resilient to moisture, but in the very long run (many years of normal use) moisture from condensed breath could eventually weaken the air-proof barrier inside the mat. As of Spring 2018, our air mats are supplied with a pump/stuff sack which significantly reduces the amount of condensed breath in the mat. We also recommend using an Air Stream pump for all SI mats as well.

My mat has been really noisy, what can I do to quiet it down?

The fabric used in our air mats is a high thread-count high-tensile 40 D nylon. This makes it extremely strong – but also contributes to a small degree of noise. This will lessen over time as the fabric softens. A second cause of noise is the coating on the mat fabric (which aids in repair and reduces slipperiness). In some cases, this coating and the fabric of your sleeping bag or the floor of your tent may interact to create some noise. There's not a solution for this interaction unfortunately.

Why doesn't the insulation go all the way to the edge of the mat?

The Air Sprung Cell design of our mats significantly reduces the ‘footprint’ of the mat of the mat as it inflates, so the insulation reaches much closer to the edges of the mats once they are inflated. The reduction in size of the ‘footprint’ of the mat is also why the quoted measurements for each mat do not apply when the mat is un-inflated.

Will the Airstream Pump Sack work with any other brand mats?

Yes, they will work with some REI air mats, along with almost all Exped mats with the dual valve system.

There seems to be mold growing on my mat, how do I kill it?

Please know that the mold is not growing inside your mat. The CA-16 silver antimicrobial treatment on the interior TPU of the mat is permanent, and incredibly effective at preventing any growth inside the mat. What has likely happened is that the surface of the mat has been put away damp a few times, which creates a perfect environment for mold on the exterior of the mat. It's easy to kill using some Mirazyme, an enzymatic cleaner, and a non-abrasive sponge. Give it a good scrub. It will not eliminate the black spots, but it will kill the mold that causes them. Allow it to completely air dry before packing it again.

Sleeping Bags

The zipper on my sleeping bag doesn't seem to line up any more, how can I get it fixed?

We always recommend an attempt at home repair first. We are happy to send along a replacement zipper slider to you through the warranty form. Patagonia has an excellent set of instructions on how to replace a slider on their Worn Wear website. If you don't feel comfortable doing that yourself, contact us and send bag your sleeping bag to us directly with a note about the issue, your name, address, phone number and email, and we will get it fixed up for you.

Can I zip two Sea to Summit sleeping bags together? What about other brands?

Most Sea to Summit sleeping bags use a #5 YKK zipper – the exceptions are the Traveller and earlier versions of the Micro. You can zip any Sea to Summit unisex and women's sleeping bags with #5 zippers together, regardless of respective lengths of the bags. Our sleeping bags may zip together with other brands using a YKK #5 coil zipper, providing that zipper has the coils oriented in the same direction as the Sea to Summit bag. If in doubt, don’t force a zipper.

How do I wash my sleeping bag?

We have a whole blog post about sleeping bag care here

How should I store my sleeping bag?

For medium term storage, the zipped up storage cell is perfect, but for long term storage, we do recommend unzipping the top and allowing it to loft up in the laundry "mode" of the storage cell.

How can I keep my sleeping bag cleaner?

Use a sleeping bag liner! We make a huge range of technical and travel liners that are easy to wash so that your precious (and expensive) sleeping bag requires less care over time, meaning it's warmer for longer.

What is the IDFL certificate in my down sleeping bag for?

We certify every batch of down used in our sleeping bags independently at the International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL). This certificate shows the exact fill power of the down, along with its content (clusters, down feathers and other materials). If you should have any questions about the certificate, reach out to us using our contact form

Do you offer a service to add more down to a bag?

We do not, but we trust the folks at Rainy Pass Repairs in Washington State to do any such services for you sleeping bag with excellence.

Alpha Pots and Pans, Delta & Delta Lite Dinnerware

Can I use my Alpha Pots and Pans on my gas stove at home?

We do not recommend that you do this. Very lightweight camping cookware is not intended for use with the heat output of domestic stoves – it is much better to use cookware intended for home stove use.

Can I use my Alpha Pots and Pans on an electric induction cooktop?

Once again, we really do not recommend using your Alpha cookware on your home stove, or electric camper stove. The very light gauge of aluminum used is not designed to withstand that kind of heat.

I lost my lid/sleeve to my Delta / DeltaLite mug, can I get a replacement?

If you purchased the Insulated Delta Mug or DeltaLite Mug, yes. Please head over to our contact form and let us know what's happened and provide proof of purchase. We don’t offer the insulating sleeve/lid as a ‘free upgrade’ to the standard Delta Mug.

Can I get a lid to my Delta Bowl? I purchased one without a lid and would like one.

If you purchased the Delta Bowl with Lid and something has happened to that lid, we have replacements available. Please head over to our contact form and let us know what's happened and provide proof of purchase. We don’t offer the lid as a ‘free upgrade’ to the standard Delta Bowl.

Is it safe to put Delta / DeltaLite in the dishwasher? What about the microwave?

It is very safe to put the Delta series in the dishwasher (if you have the mugs, take the sleeve off first). Dishwashers at home will not get hot enough to damage the material. All Delta Tableware produced since mid-2017 is also microwave compatible. Earlier versions were made of a different material which was not designed for use in a microwave. If you have questions on which version you have, please contact us

I really burned something in my Alpha pot, how can I get it clean?

The easiest way to remove anything burned in a pot is to let it soak for a while filled with plain water. After a day or so, bring that water for a boil for about 10-15 minutes and scrape any of the remaining material out of the pot with a plastic scraper. Do not use a Brillo or abrasive pad.

I put my Alpha cutlery in the dishwasher and the finish looks damaged, are they safe to use?

No, they are not safe to eat with any longer. The anodization has worn off due to the caustic chemicals in the dishwasher cleanser, and this is irreparable damage. This is not covered under the warranty.

Can I use my Alpha cookware over open flame?

Unfortunately you cannot. The heat will damage the anodizing and the handles, which will leave the pots and pans unusable.

Dry Bags, Sacks, and Packs

Can I submerge my dry bag/sack/pack under water?

Only briefly. Any dry bag with a roll top closure (including other brands) is not designed for long term submersion in water. The pressure will reach a point at which it will penetrate the roll top and the contents will get wet. If the bag has to go in the water, ensure the roll top stays above/near the surface as much as possible. Any electronic items should be ‘double bagged’ – placed in one sealed dry bag, then packed into a second sealed dry bag.

I want to put my phone/camera/laptop in a dry bag, what's the best one for keeping it safe?

We always recommend "double bagging" any electronics that are to go in a dry bag. For seriously wet conditions, or for storage of very expensive camera gear, a Pelican case, or other hard case with an ‘O’-Ring seal are the safest bet. If you choose to use dry bags, we would recommend using one of our IPX8 rated cases inside a Lightweight or heavier dry bag.

What dry bags/sacks are appropriate for external use? i.e. not inside another bag or pack.

Any of the dry bags that use abrasion-resistant fabrics of 70 Denier or heavier are suitable for true external use. The Lightweight Dry Sack, Stopper, Big River, and Hydraulic dry bags are intended to be used directly outside a backpack. Any of the lighter dry sacks (Ultra-Sil, Ultra-Sil Nano) are only designed for internal use inside another bag.

The seam tape is coming off of my dry sack, what can be done?

This is a very rare occurrence with a Sea to Summit dry bag, and often indicates that the dry bag has come into contact with a solvent (such as alcohol or DEET). If this is the case, we always recommend repairing a bag using Seam Grip. We have great instructions available on our blog. If the bag has not been damaged by solvents, reach out using the warranty form and we can get you taken care of.

There's a hole in the body of my dry sack, is this covered under warranty?

Short answer: no. Holes in the body of fabric don't "just happen." They almost assuredly develop from the puncture of the fabric, or repeated abrasion to the fabric, and then propagate outward from there. Most holes under 1 inch (2.5cm) is easily repairable by following the instruction on our blog, or with some Tenacious Tape inside and out along the damage.

What is a hydrostatic head anyways?

Imagine a vertical tube with a fabric sample clamped at the base so that no water can escape – now add water. The height of the column of water in millimeters at the point where the water forces its way through the fabric/coating is called the hydrostatic head. There is no internationally accepted standard for how high this should be for a ‘waterproof’ fabric. In real-world terms, a dry bag intended for use inside a backpack will only require a modest hydrostatic head (Ultra-Sil tests at over 2000mm – more waterproof than some tent floors), whereas a dry sack intended for paddling will need a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm. Read more here

The screw came loose from my bag's buckle, is it possible to get a replacement?

Totally, head over to our warranty form and fill it out with a photo showing the vertical width of the attachment point of the dry bag.

Are the measurements for dry bags with the tops rolled or open? What about the volume measurement?

The linear measurements of the dry bag are with the top open, as is the liter measurement.

Do I really need to double bag my phone when it's inside a dry bag?

Yes, you really do. Water can seep through the roll-top closure of a dry bag (regardless of brand), so double-bagging is a common-sense measure to prevent your phone getting wet or damaged. Relying on a single dry bag, no matter how new it is, or how well you have taken care of it, is not something we would recommend.


Are Sea to Summit hammocks compatible with other suspension systems?

The provisional answer is no, but with a few spare weight bearing carabiners, you can hook a Sea to Summit hammock up to ENO's Atlas Suspension Straps, or other similar daisy-chain straps. This has not been tested, so weight capacity cannot be guaranteed.

Alternatively, are Sea to Summit Suspension Straps and Tree Protectors compatible with other hammocks?

The answer to this is a definite no, unfortunately. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We do not have a "retro-fit" kit in future production to modify your hammock to use our system.

Are all inclusive hammock kits available?

Not yet, but we have received many requests for straps to be included with the hammocks. If these become available, we will post details on our web page (here).

Should I be using tree protectors with my hammock?

Yes, there's no excuse not to. Slowly killing trees is not a good practice for the environment.

Are the Bug Net, Gear Sling, and Tarp compatible with other hammock systems?

Good news everyone! Yes! They are! Our hammock accessories will work with almost any hammock on the market (Tentsile being the notable exception).

Travelling Light Gear

The zipper pulls came off my Travelling Light product, can I get a new one?

Absolutely, fill out our contact form and we will get the necessary replacement(s) out to you quickly.

The Travelling Light products are often made with Ultra-Sil, does that mean they're waterproof?

The Ultra-Sil fabric is fairly waterproof, but the rest of the product is not seam sealed, and the zippers are not water resistant. In the case of toiletry products, the fabric will contain minor care-product spills for a while, but liquids may eventually leak out. In the case of the Daypacks/Duffles you can expect protection against a light rain, but a downpour will soak through the seams/zippers.

I broke the mirror in my Hanging Toiletry Bag, can I get a replacement?

It sounds like you're having bad enough luck already, just head over to our contact form and fill that out and we can get a new shiny mirror to you quickly. Try not to walk under any ladders while you're at it.

A seam is coming undone, what should I do about it?

A seam opening up is a very rare occurrence with a Sea to Summit product, and in general would be covered by our lifetime manufacturing and materials warranty. If you feel that your item has led a long and useful life (or if you purchased it second hand) and want to repair it, we have a good set of instructions available in our blog. Patagonia also has an incredible set of tutorials on repair available on their website. If you would like us to check the product to determine if the warranty applies, head over to our warranty form.

What does RFID mean, and what all does it do/protect against?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and is a relatively common technology in passports, credit cards, and other forms of identification. What RFID Protection helps to prevent is bad actors using scanners from a distance to swipe your personal information from these IDs and cards. What RFID protection cannot do is stop all radio wave communication in an out of the product. If your cell phone is in an RFID wallet, you will still get calls and texts. If your passport is in there, a scanner will not be able to access the sensitive information available in the chips inside your passport.

Soaps and Towels

What does Biodegradable actually mean with the soaps?

Great question! Biodegradable is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the outdoor industry, and it's sort of confusing. It just means that it will break down harmlessly in the soil over time and will not damage the area around it – but it would still be harmful to aquatic life if you were to use the soap in a stream or lake. You still have to observe Leave No Trace principles and use the soap 200ft away from any water source. If you have more questions, definitely let us know and we're happy to guide you on what's kosher or not.

I lost the case to my towel, are there replacements available?

Most likely! Head over to the contact us form, and tell us which model, color, and size towel you have (all that information is present on the hang loop of the towel), and where to send it, and we will get that on its way.

The lid to my soap bottle cracked, what do I need to do for a replacement?

It's pretty easy, take a photo and fill out our warranty form, and attach the photo and we'll get a new cap out to you ASAP!

My towel has developed an odor, what's the easiest course of action to fix it?

Usually a day of hanging in the sunshine should help eliminate the stink pretty handily. You can always give them a quick bath in some Wilderness Wash or Dr. Bronners for persistent smells.

My soap doesn't seem to be foaming a lot, what's up with that?

The Wilderness Washes, as well as the Trek and Travel soaps are a low foam formula, but rest assured things will get clean when you are using them properly.

Can I use Wilderness Wash on my laundry? What about my hair?

Yes and yes! Wilderness wash is a pretty gentle soap and when diluted is pretty great for just about any cleaning needs you may have in the wild.

Can I get an ingredient list to see if I'm allergic to anything in the soaps?

All the ingredients are clearly printed on the back of each bottle, check with a local retailer to see if they have stock available for your perusal. This soap is generally good for most sensitive skins though.

Other Product Questions

What’s the meaning behind the name Sea to Summit?

One of the founders of our company had previously summited Everest from Base Camp, but realized that no-one had ever climbed the whole mountain, So – Tim trekked from sea level the Bay of Bengal then climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest. He did this ‘by fair means’ – solo, no Sherpa support, no supplemental oxygen. Tim and a climbing friend (who had made some gear for the trip) went into business manufacturing outdoor equipment – and all these years later, we still believe in building gear according to Tim’s ‘by fair means’ ethos: no shortcuts, no compromises. There's a lovely article about Tim’s expedition in our blog.

At what elevation do deer become elk?

An unknowable elevation, you must ask the universe and hear the answer yourself

My product broke, how do I initiate a warranty?

It's pretty easy, take a photo of the damage, then go to the warranty form and fill out all the relevant information and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with a potential solution.

Why aren't your products made in the US?

Sea to Summit is an Australian company; it's headquarters are in Perth, Western Australia. The offices in Boulder service the North American market. As an Australian company, we began manufacturing products in Perth in 1991, but in the intervening years we have grown to become an international company selling in over 35 countries worldwide. Our products are made of materials which are sourced from all over the globe - including from US companies - but final assembly is in Asia, primarily China. Sea to Summit has had its own offices in China for the past 15 years.

Why don't you use cardboard/more sustainable packaging?

We appreciate the concern of our discerning customers about environmental impact. We've done a whole lot of research on our own, and some of the results are available here.

Where's the closest store that stocks Sea to Summit to me?

Our Store Locator will be able to tell you the closest stockists of our products to you! By going to any product page, you can also see our online partners who stock that specific item.

I want to repair my item myself, do you have instructions?

Great news! We're happy to assist in this in anyway possible. Instructions for basic dry bag repair are available on our blog. For more complicated repairs, we recommend giving Patagonia Worn Wear a visit, they have detailed videos and instructions for just about everything there. If you need fabric swatches, zipper sliders, or other small pieces, reach out through our contact us form.

Ask a Question

We pride ourselves on having one of the most responsive service teams in the industry, so never hesitate to reach out with any questions about us, our products, or outdoor gear in general. We will get back to you in a jiff with as many answers as possible.