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Quest Women's Synthetic Sleeping Bag (38°F & 30°F)


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$149.00 – $169.00

Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings Explained

The EN Rating scale is a scientific test to determine the warmth of a sleeping bag. The test produces a Lower rating (for male sleepers) and a Comfort rating (for female sleepers). Both are listed in the features table on the product page.

A unisex sleeping bag with a Lower limit of 23ºF means a man should be comfortable down to air temperatures of 23ºF. The same bag will also have a Comfort limit, in the realm of 32°F, so a woman would be comfortable down to an air temperature of 32ºF. These ratings require a sleeping mat with an R-Value appropriate for expected ground temperatures – without this, the sleeping bag itself is unlikely to keep the sleeper warm enough.

A variety of factors impact sleeping bag warmth - the above temperatures are merely guidelines, not guarantees. It’s important to think of a sleeping bag, an appropriately insulating sleeping pad and a liner as a sleep system. For example - if you plan on sleeping in nighttime air temperatures of 27ºF / -3°C, choose a bag with a gender-appropriate rating of 23°F / -5°C, plus a sleeping mat with an R-Value of 2.5 to 3, and consider a Reactor thermal liner.


The Quest™ women’s synthetic mummy sleeping bag is a great value-oriented option for weekend warriors and new campers.

‘Entry-level’ doesn’t mean we’ve cut corners on comfort and versatility. Like all Sea to Summit synthetic mummy sleeping bags, the Quest™ utilizes WaveLoft™ construction to allow the insulation to expand out into air-trapping curves for maximum warmth. As the temperature rises, the full-length zipper (which curves around through the foot box) allows you to sequentially increase ventilation to the point where the sleeping bag can be opened flat and used as a quilt.

The broader mummy cut of the Quest™ gives women more room to move and allows a natural sleeping position.

Is this women's synthetic mummy sleeping bag…?

  • Warm enough for cool weather camping or travel? Cool, but not cold. The WaveLoft™ insulation construction is designed to maximize loft and results in a temperature rating of 30°F. Cold-weather campers might look to the Venture™ sleeping bag series. In cool or cold conditions, make sure you have a higher R-Value sleeping mat like the Comfort Light Insulated.

  • Suitable for summer temperatures? Yes. A full-length side zipper (with two zipper sliders) that extends through the foot box can be opened for ventilation or to turn the Quest into a fully-flat comforter in really warm weather.

  • Able to be zipped to another sleeping bag? No. If you are looking to couple your sleeping bag to a Sea to Summit Unisex model, the Venture™ sleeping bag series would be your synthetic-insulated choice.

Learn more about how the individual components of a sleep system can ensure a better night’s sleep HERE


Best Use

  • Backpacking


  • 2 Season: 38°F (comfort range 38°F to 75°F)
  • 2.5 Season: 30°F (comfort range 30°F to 70°F)

Designed to keep women warm with

  • Synthetic insulation placed throughout the bag using body-mapping to maximize warmth for a woman’s physiology
  • A wider mummy shape between hips and knees to allow you to sleep in a natural position without compressing the insulation and creating cold spots. 
  • Shorter overall length and narrower girth in shoulders to reduce dead space and increase thermal efficiency


  • WaveLoft™ construction for improved air-trapping for maximum warmth
  • Quality DWR-treated nylon shell material helps repel external moisture
  • Comfortable 20D nylon liner fabric
  • Full-length YKK® #5 main side zip extends through the foot box zip for increased ventilation and allows the bag to be used as a comforter
  • Includes stuff sack

Technical Features

WaveLoft™ Construction

WaveLoft™ is a unique construction technology designed to maximize loft and minimalize insulation weight. Instead of conventional flat layers of insulation (sewn flat on top of each other) or shingle layers (sewn in diagonally overlapping layers), WaveLoft™ creates curved layers which expand out from the shell to trap the greatest amount of air possible at a lower overall weight than existing synthetic insulation constructions.

WaveLoft™ is used on all Sea to Summit synthetic-insulated sleeping bags, regardless of price level.

Women's Specific Shape

Our women's specific bags feature a distinctive shape designed to provide more comfort and the best thermal efficiency. The designs are ideally suited to a woman's shape - slightly narrower in the shoulders and roomier through the hip area. Down distribution is perfectly matched to ensure the torso and the foot areas are kept toasty warm.

Tech Specs

Product Details

Best Use
Comes With
Stuff Sack
Polyester (using WaveLoft™ construction)
Relaxed Mummy
Shell Fabric
30D nylon treated with DWR
Zip Options
Full length left side zipper with two sliders. Unzip fully to use as a quilt or comforter
quest-womens-synthetic-sleeping-bag-38-f-30-f-regular.svg quest-womens-synthetic-sleeping-bag-38-f-30-f-long.svg
Quest 1
2lbs 4.3oz / 1030g
6.9 L
M - 14L to 4.5L
5 ft 7 in / 170 cm
2 Season
M - 9L
38°F / 3°C
Quest 1
2lbs 8.9oz / 1160g
8.3 L
L - 20L to 6.5L
5 ft 10 in / 179 cm
2 Season
L - 15L
38°F / 3°C
Quest 2
2lbs 15.3oz / 1340g
9.8 L
L - 20L to 6.5L
5 ft 7 in / 170 cm
2.5 Season
L - 15L
30°F / -1°C
Quest 2
3lbs 4.6oz / 1490g
11.2 L
XL - 30L to 10L
5 ft 10 in / 179 cm
2.5 Season
XL - 20L
30°F / -1°C
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