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Airlite Towel


$7.96 – $17.56

Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings Explained

The EN Rating scale is a scientific test to determine the warmth of a sleeping bag. The test produces a Lower rating (for male sleepers) and a Comfort rating (for female sleepers). Both are listed in the features table on the product page.

A unisex sleeping bag with a Lower limit of 14ºF means a man should be comfortable down to air temperatures of 14ºF. The same bag will also have a Comfort limit, in the realm of 27°F, so a woman would be comfortable down to an air temperature of 27ºF. These ratings require a sleeping mat with an R-Value appropriate for expected ground temperatures – without this, the sleeping bag itself is unlikely to keep the sleeper warm enough.

A variety of factors impact sleeping bag warmth - the above temperatures are merely guidelines, not guarantees. It’s important to think of a sleeping bag, an appropriately insulating sleeping pad and a liner as a sleep system. For example - if you plan on sleeping in nighttime air temperatures of 27ºF / -3°C, choose a bag with a gender-appropriate rating of 23°F / -5°C, plus a sleeping mat with an R-Value of 2.5 to 3, and consider a Reactor thermal liner.


$9.95 $7.96

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 50% lighter than our Pocket Towel™, the AirLite Towel™ is the most lightweight, compact and quick drying towel we make. Designed for everything from everyday activities to minimalist adventures, the AirLite Towel will absorb more than three times its own weight in water.

The elongated shape makes the AirLite Towel ideal for use as a bandana or sun protection for your neck.

Click HERE to learn more about Sea to Summit towels

Does the AirLite Towel…?

  • Have a hangtag for quick drying? Yes. The storage sack has a snap closure and webbing loop – when hanging the towel to dry, simply reconnect the stuff sack and hang the towel from the webbing strap.

  • Need special care when being washed? Our Microfiber Towels are not colorfast dyed, so wash them separately for the first few washes. Avoid fabric softener, which will reduce absorbency.

  • Have an anti-microbial finish? No. A towel that is this easy to wash and dry doesn’t need chemical treatments to keep it fresh.

Which size should I choose?

  • Small: Facecloth
  • Medium: Small hand towel
  • Large: Small bath towel
  • X-Large: Bath towel


  • Tiny packed size
  • Whisper light, yet silky soft and durable
  • Knitted technical fabric: ultra-absorbent and remarkably fast drying
  • Comes in an ultralight stuff sack that doubles as a hang loop
  • Machine washable

Technical Features


Sea to Summit’s Towels is made of knitted microfiber fabric.

In the AirLite and Pocket Towels, this fiber is 100% Polyester.

In the DryLite and Tek Towels, the fiber is a blend of 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide (Nylon).

The four types of towels have different weights and finish to ensure that you can dry off no matter where you are. The AirLite Towel is made of a featherweight material and is incredibly compact. The Pocket Towel is super-light and has the silkiest finish. The Drylite Towel is a medium weight and has an ultra-suede-like finish. The Tek Towel is the heaviest and most absorbent and has a terry loop-like finish, like most normal towels.

You can read more on which towel is right for you HERE.

Tech Specs

Product Details

Best Use
Travel, Backpacking, Gym
Comes With
15 D stuff sack
100% Polyester Micro fiber
Quick Drying
Yes, this is our fastest drying towel
14 x 14 in / 36 x 36 cm
2.2 x 1.6 in / 5.5 x 4 cm
0.4 oz / 12 g
14 x 30 in / 36 x 84 cm
2.8 x 2 in / 7 x 5 cm
1 oz / 27 g
18 x 42 in / 45 x 108 cm
3.4 x 2.4 in / 8.5 x 6 cm
1.7 oz / 48 g
21 x 52 in / 54 x 132 cm
3.8 x 2.6 in / 9.5 x 6.5 cm
2.5 oz / 70 g


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