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Blitz Booties


Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings Explained

The EN Rating scale is a scientific test to determine the warmth of a sleeping bag. The test produces a Lower rating (for male sleepers) and a Comfort rating (for female sleepers). Both are listed in the features table on the product page.

A unisex sleeping bag with a Lower limit of 14ºF means a man should be comfortable down to air temperatures of 14ºF. The same bag will also have a Comfort limit, in the realm of 27°F, so a woman would be comfortable down to an air temperature of 27ºF. These ratings require a sleeping mat with an R-Value appropriate for expected ground temperatures – without this, the sleeping bag itself is unlikely to keep the sleeper warm enough.

A variety of factors impact sleeping bag warmth - the above temperatures are merely guidelines, not guarantees. It’s important to think of a sleeping bag, an appropriately insulating sleeping pad and a liner as a sleep system. For example - if you plan on sleeping in nighttime air temperatures of 27ºF / -3°C, choose a bag with a gender-appropriate rating of 23°F / -5°C, plus a sleeping mat with an R-Value of 2.5 to 3, and consider a Reactor thermal liner.



The Blitz Bootie is our heavy duty neoprene water shoe. It has a high cuff to overlap with wetsuits, a stiffened sole for improved portaging and protection against the gnarliest of rocks, and a very secure Y-pull hook-and-loop fastener strap to prevent you losing your shoes in the worst of dunkings. The Blitz Bootie is designed to prevent chaffing when using foot-straps on boats or boards.


  • Rugged water booties for kayaking, rafting, portaging, wading, fishing, and sailing
  • 3mm neoprene
  • High traction rubber sole for grip on wet surfaces
  • Stiffened sole for added protection and walking
  • Secure Y-pull hook-and-loop fastener strap system

Size Guide

To find out which size you need, we have prepared a simple method to measure your feet, then convert this into the correct bootie size. Please follow the instructions below and check the table for sizing.

  1. Measure your foot. Put a piece of paper on a flat surface. Stand on the paper and trace around the perimeter of your foot with a pencil.
  2. Measure the length of the outline. Measure from the farthest part at the back to the farthest part at the front; you can do this in inches or centimeters.
  3. Measure the width of the outline. Measure from the farthest part at the left to the farthest part at the right; this will usually be at the ball of your foot.
  4. Compare these measurements against the chart. For instance, if the outline measured 10.1” long x 3.9” wide, the men's bootie size would be 7 and the women's bootie size would be 8.5 (this would be a really snug fit).
  5. Adjust the size depending on use. If you are using the booties for performance sports, use the size you just calculated. For recreational or wetsuit use, go up a size.

Tech Specs

Product Details

Best Use
Upper Material
3mm neoprene


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