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Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings Explained

The EN Rating scale is a scientific test to determine the warmth of a sleeping bag. Unisex sleeping bags list the Lower Limit which is the lowest temperature rating that an average male sleeper would be comfortable in.  Our women’s sleeping bags list the Comfort Limit, which is the lowest temperature rating an average female sleeper should be comfortable. The comfort and lower limit temperature ratings are listed in the features table on the product page. 

For example, a unisex sleeping bag that shows a lower limit of 23ºF means a man should be comfortable down to air temperatures of 23ºF while a woman would be comfortable down to the air temperature of 30ºF, the comfort limit. Men and women should always sleep in a layer of long underwear and use a sleeping mat.

Here’s a basic categorization of appropriate use, based on temperatures:
Summer:   >+35ºF
3-Season:   +10 to +35ºF
Winter:   <10ºF

There’s a huge variety of factors that can impact sleeping bag warmth, so these ratings are not guarantees. We always recommend choosing a bag that is a few degrees colder than you plan on going out in (choosing a 23ºF bag for 27ºF nights). If you have any questions about which temperature you should select, or how to improve your warmth in a sleep system, reach out to us on our contact page any time.


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The generously sized and ultra-versatile Basecamp™ options are also available in a synthetic version. This is an excellent choice when price and easy care are key considerations.  These sleeping bags have the same generous rectangular shape and versatile design as the down version.  They are insulated with Thermolite® that is built into the bags using a unique Wave Loft construction and helps retain warmth. The inner fabric is a soft, luxurious polyester that feels like silk for sleep-filled comfort. With multiple zippers, the Basecamp™ allows you to cozy up to your partner by zipping bags together, vent when it gets too hot, or remove the top entirely to use as a camping quilt or blanket. The Basecamp™ models have been designed to work with a sleeping mat and pillow to create a comprehensive sleep system you can really get comfortable with.


Packed Size Comparison

25°F: 11.6 L ≈ About the size of a large bear canister
6°F: 14.6 L ≈ Classic middle school backpack


25°F: 3 lbs 10 oz ≈ Roughly the same weight as a standard pillow
6°F: 4 lbs ≈ Roughly the same weight as a standard pillow


25°F: 3 Season - Built for fall and all of spring. Perfect for summer when used as a quilt.
6°F: 4 Season - take this bag out from fall to spring, perfect in summer as just a quilt.


Generous, practically like sleeping in a regular bed


  • Uses THERMOLITE synthetic insulation
  • 2D PermaShell™ water-resistant shell fabric
  • Spacious rectangular shape
  • Pillow attachment system under the hood to hold an Aeros™ pillow in place (not included)
  • Two positions sleeping mat attachment system
  • Zip draft tube with anti-snag
  • Cushioned internal hood draw-cord
  • 2-way YKK® #5 zip on each side of the bag
  • Can zip to any Trek™, Talus™, Latitude™, or Micro™ (model year 2017 or newer) sleeping bag
  • Includes a Nylon compression bag