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Zip Coupling
Technical Features

Zip Coupling

Down and synthetic bags identified with our zip coupling symbol use a 65 inch #5 YKK full-length zip which allows a unisex left-handed and women's specific right-handed bag to pair together.

Designed to pair side by side, each person sleeps in their own bag enabling each of you to take advantage of your bag's unique insulation zones, hood and footbox features - perfect for cozy adventures for two.

Bags with full-length #5 YKK zips on both sides can also be coupled together with other pairing bags.

6 thoughts on “Zip Coupling

  1. avatar Baz says:

    G’day Alexa. Sorry to say it’s not possible to zip two Journey Jo II sleeping bags together. The Journey (along with all of our women’s sleeping bags) has zippers on the right side of the bag, and there is no way to zip two right-side zippers together.

  2. avatar Alexa pacheco says:

    Hello I have a question I own two journey II women sleeping bags and I’m curious is it possible to attach them together or not?

  3. avatar Baz says:

    Hej, Erik

    Thanks for reaching out to us. The Quest sleeping bags have only one zipper; it runs down the side of the bag and around the footbox. The Traverse (and Trek and Ascent) sleeping bags have both a side zipper (always the same length regardless of sleeping bag size) and a second sipper in the footbox. That side zipper can be coupled with the side zipper on the Venture, Journey, and Altitude sleeping bags. It isn’t possible to zip a Quest to any other sleeping bag.

    If you would like further details, our colleagues at the Swedish Sea to Summit distributor will be happy to assist you further.


    The Sea to Summit team

  4. avatar Erik says:


    The Womens Quest QUI is not compatible with your zip coupling system from what i can tell from the info on your webpage
    but looking at the data for the Traverse TVII and The Womens Quest QUI long it looks like should work, does it work to zip them together?


  5. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Per,

    Thanks for your question. Any of the following Unisex sleeping bags: Ascent, Trek, Traverse can be coupled to any of the following Women’s sleeping bags: Altitude, Journey, Venture. To couple the zippers, simply follow these steps:

    1. Unzip the side zippers of the unisex and women’s bags by sliding the zipper slider from the top all the way to the bottom of the zipper. You will not need to unzip the secondary zipper which runs through the footbox.
    2. While ensuring that both zipper sliders are pushed together, pull on one side of the zipper (as you would with the separable zipper of a jacket) to separate the zipper: one side of the zipper track will have the two zipper sliders on it, the other side of the zipper track ends in what is known as a ‘pin’.
    3. Lay the two sleeping bags side by side. Insert the pin of the women’s sleeping bag into the two zipper sliders of the unisex sleeping bag. Insert the pin of the unisex sleeping bag into the two zipper sliders of the women’s sleeping bag.
    4. You will now be able to slide the upper zipper sliders up to the tops of the zippers; the bags will be joined together.

    Sorry we don’t currently have any ‘how to’ videos showing this – it’s something we’re currently working on.

    If you have a pre-2019 Sea to Summit sleeping bag or bags, it may still be possible to zip the two of them together – shoot us an email at and we’ll provide additional details.


    The Sea to Summit Team


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