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Integrated AirStream™
Technical Features

Integrated AirStream™

The Airstream™ Pumpsack is Sea to Summit's big volume mattress pump which we've now integrated into the stuff sack of every Air Sprung Cell™ mat. The clever design opens at one end to stow the air mat and the other end unfolds to become the built-in pump.

The Airstream™ Pumpsack can be inflated with a single breath and takes just two or three cycles to fill our mats. Not only is it faster than inflation by mouth, but there is minimal breath condensation entering the mat and it eliminates dizziness from blowing the mat up directly by mouth.

The Airstream™ Pumpsack is also compatible with Sea to Summit's smaller multifunction valve, which is now featured on the updated Aeros pillow range, along with the Air Seats.

6 thoughts on “Integrated AirStream™

  1. avatar Baz says:

    Hello Janis,

    There is of course opportunity to get an integrated pumpsack, or upgrade to the Airstream Pump Dry Sack (Ultra-Sil waterproof high volume pumpsack).
    Please reach out to


    The Sea to Summit Team

  2. avatar Janis W says:

    Hello from Germany,

    just to get the topic back on top:
    is there any news on how to get one of those nice integrated pumpsack seperately?
    I always use it from a friend of mine, it is so much better than everything else I know, especially because of the dual use, pump and stuff sack.
    I am sure there will be huge interest :) I would immediately buy one, I promise! :D

  3. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Ignacio,

    Thanks for your positive feedback! We’ve actually been pleasantly surprised with the number of requests we have received from end-users wanting to purchase a stuff sack with integrated Airstream Pump. We have forwarded this information to our design/development colleagues in Perth, Australia – I believe they are working on costing for a packaged product in a couple of different sizes.

    Stay tuned!

    The Sea to Summit team

  4. avatar Ignacio Gonzalez says:

    I’m here to say the same thing, you guys ‘need’ to sell these separately, it’s perfect to have the sleeping mat inflating bag with the mat itself, rather than having another dry bag…

    Please make it happen!?

  5. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Chuck,

    Thanks for your question! We don’t currently have the integrated Airstream Pump/Stuff Sack as an item for individual purchase (although we do keep them as a spare part for warranty issues). The best option at this point is the regular Airsteam Pumpsack (which doubles as a great light weight dry sack for storing clothes in your pack).


    The Sea to Summit Team


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