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How to wash your Aeros Inflatable Pillow

How to wash your Aeros Inflatable Pillow

If you’ve tried one of our Aeros pillows, you’ll know that they are unquestionably the most comfortable, quietest, easiest to use, lightest, and most packable pillows on the market.

In fact, you may only have one question, and that is how to wash your Aeros Pillow.

The answer is very simple: Hand wash & air dry.

In order to wash the pillow, begin by closing the valve to make sure that water does not get inside the bladder. There’s no need to use any special type of soap. Regular laundry soap will work fine. Immerse the pillow into the soapy water and knead it gently with your hands.

Once you’re confident that the pillow is clean, repeat the above procedure with clean water to rinse the soap from the pillow’s face fabric; you may need to rinse a couple of times.

Squeeze the excess water from the face fabric, then hang the pillow up to air dry.

Do not dry the pillow in a tumble dryer, as this could damage the TPU bladder.

Make sure the pillow is completely dry before you store it to prevent mold or mildew.

How to store your Aeros Pillow:

Store it flat or loosely rolled up with the valve open. It is essential to avoid long-term storage of the pillow tightly packed as it is in its stuff sack with the valve closed.


Follow these simple instructions and your Aeros Pillow will help you sleep comfortably for years and years – unquestionably.

8 thoughts on “How to wash your Aeros Inflatable Pillow

  1. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Emma
    Thanks for reaching out to us. You will not have ruined your Aeros Pillow by getting water inside it – although it is important to get all of the moisture out. Hang the pillow up with the valve open and the valve facing downwards, and shake the pillow from time to time to encourage any drips to exit through the valve. If it seems to be taking some time to dry (perhaps because of air humidity) you can use a hairdryer aimed at the valve – however, it is essential to keep the hairdryer setting on cool.


    The Sea to Summit team

  2. avatar Emma Eberhardt says:

    I washed the pillow without closing the valve. Will it dry out inside or is it ruined?

  3. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Alexander

    Sorry to learn that the Pillow care instructions have steered you wrong. Please email us at and let us know:

    The type and size of Aeros Pillow you have
    The name and location of the retailer where the pillow was purchased
    The date of purchase
    Your full shipping address (including city and country) and a daytime phone number.

    We’ll be happy to put things right.

    Cheers –

  4. avatar Alexander Nemzek says:

    As was said on the label that machine wash is ok, I washed my pillow in a washing machine and when it came out, the bladder is completely misshapen, and I can no longer use it comfortably.

  5. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Chow

    Sorry to learn that you’ve experienced an issue with the bladder of your Aeros Pillow. If a pillow bladder degrades in the way you mention, it usually means that the pillow has either come into contact with a solvent (such as DEET mosquito repellent), or been stored for longer periods with condensation inside the bladder. Either way, if you send us an email at and let us know your location (including city/country), the name and location of the retailer where the pillow was purchased and the date of purchase, we’ll be happy to assist you.

    - Baz


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