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Behind the Brand

Sea to Summit – the Beginning

While thinking about the new year and new beginnings, it occurred to me that many of our gear users might not know the story of how Sea to Summit began. It’s really quite an incredible story . . .

In February of 1990, Australian mountaineer Tim Macartney-Snape swam in India’s Bay of Bengal then set off on foot toward the Himalayas. Every meter of his journey to Everest Base Camp was bay of bengalhuman powered, including swimming the River Ganges. At Base Camp, the climb began, and four months after his voyage started, without supplemental oxygen, fellow climbers, or Sherpa support, he reached the summit of Mt. Everest.

He was the first to climb the entire 8,848 meters of Mt. Everest; he was the first to trek from sea to summit.

When Tim couldn’t find the equipment he needed for his sea to summit expedition, he approached his friend, design guru Roland Tyson. Their collaboration was so successful that they decided to make their products available to adventurers throughout the world and named their company after Tim’s expedition.

More than 20 years later, Sea to Summit is still an independent company run by Tim and Roland. And today, more than ever, Sea to Summit’s pioneering spirit generates innovative ideas, researches the best materials and production methods and creates new products, which keep us at the forefront of delivering lighter, better made, better performing gear to enthusiasts around the world. Who knows where Sea to Summit products may take you?

Cheers to amazing beginnings and to the beginning of your next adventure!Tim on summit 1990

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