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Ask Baz

Welcome to “Ask Baz”

I’ve been very lucky: in the twenty years I’ve spent in the Outdoor business, I’ve met and worked with some truly great product developers, fabric technologists, journalists and – last but not least – designers from a slew of countries.

And I’m extremely lucky that this journey has led to me working at Sea to Summit. Lucky because Sea to Summit has a product lineup which features a huge array of technologies and constructional details (more than enough to captivate my interest), and lucky, too because Sea to Summit places a very high value on making the technical and functional details behind those products available to everyone.

So: that’s my job – listening to end-users and helping to answer their questions.

Some of the vast amount of cumulative knowledge that I’ve been exposed to in those 20 years has, fortunately, remained with me. I wouldn’t claim to be an ‘expert’, partly because some of those people in the above list knew far, far more than me, and partly because I’ve watched good ideas come and go while less-worthy ideas prevailed: sometimes marketing is stronger than actual product quality or function.

The point of this blog is therefore not to recycle marketing ‘spin’ – it is to provide honest, straightforward answers to your questions about the technology, function, advantages and limitations of Sea to Summit products.

Got a question about an item of Sea to Summit gear?

Just ask Baz.


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