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Washing Gear

-  Most dirt can be removed from dry sacks and stuff sacks by simply hosing them out. If you have more persistent stains, wash the dry sacks/stuff sacks/compression sacks by hand in Wilderness Wash, rinse them thoroughly and air-dry them.

-  Liners can be washed in a washing machine, however, you should avoid fabric softeners in the wash cycle. Air dry before packing the liner away

-  Microfiber towels can be washed in a washing machine – but they should be washed separately for the first couple of washes to avoid color bleeding onto other items. Avoid fabric softeners in the wash cycle. Air dry before packing the towel away - there's no need to use an electric dryer. If you should dry your towel in a dryer, do not use dryer 'sheets'.

-  X-Plates/Bowls/Mugs/Cups and Delta Plates/Bowls/Mugs/Cutlery can be washed in a dishwasher

-  Alpha Set Cutlery / Alpha Light Cutlery  should not be washed in a dishwasher

-  You can clean the Mylar bladder of a  Pack Tap with warm water (up to 140°F/60°C). Residue from wine or fruit juice can be removed with the effervescent tablets designed for cleaning dentures

-  If your gear becomes stained with organic material (including food and body oils/sweat) it is worth neutralizing the odor with McNett MiraZyme to prevent the gear from becoming attractive to small critters who may eat holes in it.

4 thoughts on “Washing Gear

  1. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Andrea

    Thanks for your question. We would advise against washing the Pro Hammock / Ultralight Hammock or Suspension Strap in a washing machine – the hammocks and straps have metal buckles sewn into each end which could well damage the fabric of the hammock or the webbing of the straps during the wash/rinse/spin cycle.

    Soaking the hammock and straps in warm, soapy water for a couple of hours before hand washing them should take care of most grime.

    If you would like additional information, email us at


    The Sea to Summit Team

  2. avatar Andrea Nahana Breton says:

    Can I put the hamnick in a washmachine? Also the strips? They are super dirty from a 4 months mountain luving in a wild natural park with no contact with exterior.

  3. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day Janice

    Thanks for your question. All Sea to Summit Towels are made of microfibers (either polyester, nylon or both). The extremely small size of the fibers (which makes them so effective at absorbing water), makes the dyeing process more complex and uses more dye than would be the case for a non-microfiber synthetic fiber.

    For this reason, they are not colorfast, and will ‘bleed’ dye for the first two or three washes – so you should wash them separately for the first few laundry cycles. After that, no more dye will bleed out.


  4. avatar Janice Jones-Skinner says:

    Why would the towels bleed at all? This is not a good feature. Why can’t they be dyed so that they don’t bleed?

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