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Ask Baz

Repairing a Pocket Shower

The Pocket Shower has proved to be extremely popular with backcountry users. Occasionally, a consumer will contact us to say that the shower continues to drip water, even after it has been fully turned off.

In our experience, this is caused by the shower head being over-tightened. When this happens, the ‘O’ Ring located inside of the showerhead becomes distorted, which allows a small amount of water to continue to flow through the nozzle.

If this happens to you, the first step is to drain the shower, untighten the shower head and leave it in its fully open position for a couple of hours. The ‘O’ Ring may simply spring back into its normal shape. If this doesn’t restore the shower’s function, the ‘O’ Ring can be re-seated by removing the shower head and lubricating the assembly with silicone lubricant. Removing the shower head is simple; getting it back on is a little trickier. If you have any doubts about completing this, you can always call our Customer Service department and send the shower to us – we’ll be happy to maintain it for you.

Here are the instructions for removing, lubricating and replacing the shower head:

1. Turn the shower head counter-clockwise until you feel it turn more freely (indicating it has reached the end of its thread)

2. Hold the shower head with the index and middle finger of one hand, and the barrel of the shower head with the index and middle finger of the other hand; pull the assembly apart:


3. Lubricate the flat bottom surface of the barrel with silicone lubricant (the flat face engages against the ‘O’Ring; when tightened, this will re-seat the ‘O’Ring):

4.Lubricate the thread of the barrel:

5. Re-mount the shower head on the barrel; turn it several times to make sure it is not cross-threaded/sitting at an angle, then push the shower head / barrel firmly together (this is the tricky part):


6. Turn the shower head counterclockwise to ensure it rotates freely:

And that’s it – your shower should now function perfectly again.

2 thoughts on “Repairing a Pocket Shower

  1. avatar Baz says:

    G’Day John –

    Depending what might be blocking a Pocket Shower shower head, you should be able to clear it simply by holding it under running water. Alternately, using a canister vacuum cleaner used from the inside of the water reservoir should work. If the blockage persists, it’s relatively easy to remove the shower head, clear it, and re-install – please contact us at before doing this and we’ll provide details. In response to internet comments please know that we have never come across a Pocket Shower shower head that we could not clean out easily.


    The Sea to Summit Team

  2. avatar John says:

    How do you clean the shower head of the pocket shower product? I hear once it is clogged up you cannot repair it or clear it. Please advise. Thank you.

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