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Packing Electronics

What precautions should I follow before packing my GPS/camera/cell phone in a dry sack/TPU Accessory Case?

Be aware that no roll-top dry sack (regardless of manufacturer) is waterproof enough for problem-free storage of sensitive electronic devices. A very small amount of moisture is sufficient to permanently damage or destroy electronics.

If you are going to take electronic devices into very wet environments, double-bag the device: pack it into one dry sack, roll and click the roll-top closure, then pack this into a second (larger) dry sack, and roll and click this closure.

399-TPU iPhone case green

Make sure that the outer dry sack is robust enough for use in a paddling environment. We do not recommend our featherweight Ultra-Sil Dry Sacks, Ultra-Sil View Dry Sacks or Nano Dry Sacks for river, ocean, or any external use.

Also be aware that condensation can form inside a waterproof enclosure. If you are using a dry sack, the air which will be trapped inside it when you seal the roll-top closure will contain moisture vapor. If the dry sack is then exposed to a cooler environment (which is often the case on the water) this moisture will condense inside the dry sack – i.e. it will turn back into liquid moisture. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pack a desiccant (such as the silica gel packs which come in the original packaging with electronics) into the dry sack. This tip applies to other forms of waterproof enclosures including hard-shell cases.

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight, flexible storage system for electronics which is submersible, we would recommend the TPU Accessory Cases / TPU Waterproof Cases for iPhones and SmartPhones / TPU Waterproof Cases for Tablets.  All of these products use a triple fold/double-Velcro closure, and the slightly ‘tacky’ TPU film sticks to itself creating a simple watertight seal. The Case for iPhone/Smartphones and the Cases for Tablets also have an additional ziploc® closure for extra protection.  Properly sealed, all of the TPU products are waterproof enough for boating use – they are tested to 10 meters of submersion for one hour, earning an IPX8 rating; and away from the testing laboratory, the closure does not ‘pop open’ in real-world use.

As waterproof as the TPU products are, the above caution regarding condensation still applies.

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