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Just the way we roll – how to use our Kayak/Canoe Carts with your boat
Ask Baz

Just the way we roll – how to use our Kayak/Canoe Carts with your boat

Sea to Summit’s kayak and canoe carts are designed to help you move your watercraft overland easily and reliably.

They feature wide pneumatic tires to help them roll over uneven or soft surfaces, rugged aluminum tube frames for durability, and high quality straps to stabilize your boat.

We’ve prepared 4 short videos with the help of our friends from Jax in Lafayette, Colorado showing how the cart is assembled, and how to attach the kayak or canoe to the cart.

Sea to Summit Small Cart – Setting up Video 1

Sea to Summit Small Cart – video 2

Sea to Summit Small Cart in action – video 3.

Sea to Summit Small Cart – taking off a boat video 4.

Some hull types have a more tapered shape (from the beam to the stern) than others. To prevent the strap from slipping back towards the stern, make sure that it locates in front of a hatch, deck lashing points or some other feature protruding from the hull. In the video, the strap is located in the rim behind the cockpit.

Sea kayaks often have a very pronounced ‘V’ cross-section – if this is the case for your boat, lay the hull over on one side on top of the cart before securing the boat – the kayak does not have to sit upright on the cart.

If you have any specific questions not covered in the video, I’ll be happy to provide answers.


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