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Game Changers

Every now and again, a product hits the market which fundamentally changes things (so much so that people start to talk about ‘paradigm shifts’ and ‘quantum leaps’). Or game changers.

The original personal stereo was a game changer. True, by today’s standards it was relatively bulky, and its capacity to ‘hold’ music was limited to one ninety-minute cassette tape. But – there had never been a device which fitted in your pocket and allowed you to listen to the music you wanted to hear through stereo headphones.  It changed the rules of the game.

The first hydration pack was another game changer. Backpack manufacturers probably thought they had sold all the daypack-sized packs they were ever going to sell when someone thought of putting a drinking bladder inside a backpack. Now, they’re everywhere.

Traveller_Compressed in hand

At the risk of sounding immodest, Sea to Summit may have just changed the rules with the Traveller sleeping bag.

There have been sleeping bags which opened into quilts, and there have been light and compact sleeping bags for some time now.

But never a bag with all this going for it:

– A tapered rectangular sleeping bag with a full-length zipper that opens into a quilt or zips to another identical bag to form a double sleep system…

– A bag that has a drawstring closure at the base and opens for ventilation or closes to form a snug foot box…

– A bag whose Ultra-Dry Down™ will shrug off moisture, is lighter than some sleeping bag liners and compresses to less than two liters…

That’s a game changer.

As Dr. Seuss may have written: imagine the places it will go! Pop it in your pack for summer backpacking trips. Pack it in your panniers for a cycle tour. It will tag along when you go traveling; it will keep you cozy when you couch-surf. It will be your blanket on that crowded overnight train, your haven in a foreign ferry-port, your refuge when your flight gets canceled – again.

You may wonder how you ever got by without one.


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