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Cleaning Dry/Compression/Stuff Sacks

How do I clean my Sea to Summit Dry Sacks / Compression Sacks / Stuff Sacks?

Cleaning dry sacks and stuff sacks is really very simple: you can remove most dirt simply with warm water and a non-detergent soap (we'd recommend Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash for this). You should avoid detergents as they can compromise the water-shedding properties of the fabrics; the same applies to solvents only more so - they can cause the coating to delaminate.

It's best to wash the sacks by hand. If they're really dirty, you might want to hose them out first.

If your bags have picked up odors from food spills or dirty clothes, the best way to remove these odors once you've washed the sack is to use a product from McNett called MiraZyme - this enzyme-based cleanser will effectively remove most odors.

Once you've hand washed the sacks, leave them to air-dry. Putting it in a dryer can damage the seam tape. Do make sure they're completely dry before you store them; damp fabrics can be subject to mildew.

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