Women’s Latitude – Sweet Dreams are Made of This
Ambassadors in Action

Women’s Latitude – Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Brand Ambassador, Becca Foss of RoamWildandFree.com shares her first impressions about our new Women’s Latitude LtII sleeping bag.

“As soon as I unboxed my WLt II sleeping bag, I knew my backcountry nights were never going to be the same. Upon first glance, it was immediately apparent that this sleeping bag (like many others from Sea to Summit) was built with a sense of purpose and top notch quality in mind.”


Each bag comes standard with a certificate from the International Down and Feather Laboratory. This wonderful slip of paper is a detailed analysis that shows you the exact fill power and quality of down in your specific bag. This third-party verification is a far cry from having to take a manufacturer at their word- which seems to be the industry norm.

Sea to Summit also includes a durable nylon storage bag/laundry bag, and an Ultra-Sil® Compression Sack to squeeze this lofty bag into a size smaller than my wildest dreams.


While putting this sleeping bag to use, I was impressed with the attention to detail in every scenario. The WLt II has two zippers, one down the side and a second around the foot-box. The side zipper can be opened for ventilation (just like the side zipper on most sleeping bags) or unzipped entirely to lay flat like a quilt. Alternatively, you can just unzip the foot-box to walk around freely, wearing the bag like a mobile cocoon.

Another feature which contributes to comfort is the shape of this bag. While previous sleeping bags that I’ve used have felt constricting with the mummy fit, this bag is a “roomier” mummy fit allowing me to shift around in my sleep. The broader shape also meant that I did not feel cold spots around my knees or my hips. Sliding into the WLtII sleeping bag after a long day is like curling up under your favorite blanket – instant warmth, comfort, and oh so cozy.


Coupled with the appropriate sleeping pad and liner, the Women’s Latitude Lt II sleeping bag is the perfect bag for female backpackers concentrating on keeping their pack weight low without compromising quality. With a comfort rating of 15°F or -10°C this bag transfers to a warm oasis in the midst of the bitter cold.

Want to get technical? Here are some quick stats about both bags in the series, the Women’s Latitude I and its warmer sister, the WLt II:


Women’s Latitude Sleeping Bag

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