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Travelling light and fast: 150 nights from a duffle bag

Here's a post from one of Sea to Summit’s traveling company reps; who travels at least 150 days a year.

As a Sea to Summit “road warrior,” I find myself checking into hotel rooms and sleeping on couches more often than opening my own fridge for a cold one at the end of the day.  The Travelling Light™ gear I carry allows me to unpack quickly each night, find exactly what I’m looking for, and escape from a hotel room in mere minutes the next morning.

I usually travel for a minimum of one week, but I’ve also traveled for as long as 6 to 8 weeks.  I’ve tried to condense clothing into outfits I don’t get sick of, and with the added benefit of being in a different city each day, usually, nobody catches on if I wear the same clothes for a week (trade secret).  I always carry Trek & Travel Liquid Laundry Wash to make sure I never cross the scent of a Chicago Red Hot with a Philly Cheesesteak.

First, some basics; the Travelling Light line of products from Sea to Summit encompasses a wide range of packing solutions for any kind of travel.  Eighty percent of the line weighs less than 3 ounces (85 grams) and all of the products have an insane level of finish – even the zippers are well thought out to avoid snags and pull smoothly.  The Ultra-Sil® fabric used in most of is waterproof by construction (although most of the line isn’t seam sealed), so the occasional spill inside your bag stays contained. I wouldn’t have ever thought that adding items to my pack would actually help me save space and I’m not just saying that because I’ve drunk the Sea to Summit Kool-Aid.

Here’s my gear list:

  1. Travelling Light TPU Zip Top Pouch – This versatile clear pouch will keep you from wasting Ziploc® bags.  Use it for getting your gels and liquids through airline security with the 6 leak-proof bottles that are included. And, if you’ve ever had that hotel shampoo bottle (the one without the leak-proof cap) explode in your carry-on, you’ll be happy to have these.
  2. Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag – This bag has a handy hook to keep your essentials suspended in campsite showers, hotel rooms, and the gross bathroom of your old college roommate.  It also includes a mirror that is TSA compliant and is constructed using mostly Ultra-Sil to stop leaks from reaching the clothes you’ve packed. 
  3. Travelling Light Shirt Folder – No matter which size you need this will keep 4 or 5 button-ups looking wrinkle-free and slick even when packed underneath everything else.  A folding board helps you get it right every time.
  4. Travelling Light Garment Mesh Bags – I use a small and a medium.  These are pretty basic, but I keep one for t-shirts and one for pants and shorts.  The rectangular shape stacks like Lego blocks, and practically turns your luggage into dresser drawers.
  5. Travelling Light Packing Cell - All of my unmentionables fit into one small cell; it stacks perfectly with all the other cubes and has a mesh top to help those twice-worn socks get some air.
  6. Ultra-Sil® Stuff Sacks – I keep three stuff sacks with me, an XXL size for laundry (the waterproof Ultra-Sil® helps keep the stink in) and two small sizes for jackets.
  7. Ultra-Sil® Dry Daypack  – This is absolutely indispensable item - a fully seam-taped, roll-top, waterproof 20-liter daypack.  When it’s stuffed in its sack it’s barely larger than your cell phone and carries enough gear for a day of climbing, boating, or a day hike.  Essential.

Everything I carry fits in a 65L Sea to Summit Duffle and a messenger bag.  It’s hard to find anything as versatile as the duffle unless you require wheels; it fits just about everything and is small enough you won’t mind carrying it up to your room every night.  Not only are these bags durable enough to take a beating, but the 45L size is also perfect carry-on luggage for domestic flights.

Even if you don’t live out of a duffle for 150 nights, I hope these tips help you travel light and fast.

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