Introducing Sea to Summit Brand Ambassadors
Ambassadors in Action

Introducing Sea to Summit Brand Ambassadors

Each year we receive countless inquiries from folks all around the globe, wondering if they have what it takes to be a Brand Ambassador for Sea to Summit. To do this “job” well and to represent a brand like Sea to Summit takes a lot of work and commitment. A great Brand Ambassador isn’t just someone on a sponsored holiday. That’s why we’re proud to introduce some of our 2017 Brand Ambassadors.

Alex & Becca Foss: Live Wild & Free

Alex & Becca Foss

We are a couple devoted to a life of freedom and adventure in the outdoors. Our home is a trusty 1978 Toyota Chinook that we slowly roll from place to place in search for the last best secret whether it be a private mountain peak, a deserted campsite, a new climbing route, or simply a faint hiker’s path to the unknown.

We wanted to be Sea to Summit Brand Ambassadors because it means we’re representing a reputable, household name that continues to produce quality gear as needs and trends evolve. Sea to Summit is continually on the top of gear lists year after year proving they can create some of the best products on the market.

Our favorite products from Sea to Summit are the personal care items (Tek Towel and Wilderness Wash). We love that Sea to Summit creates personal care products that are eco-friendly and multi-purpose. Their Tek Towels are lightweight, super fast-drying, and easily transfer from van life to longer backpacking trips.

Our next adventure will take us to Washington, the last state in the West that we haven’t spent any time in. So, in 2017 will see a lot of this state while climbing, hiking, and mountaineering!

Follow along on our journey via Instagram and our blog “RoamWild and Free

Lisa Morris & Jason Spafford: Two Wheeled Nomad

BIOG PIC_Lisa Morris Jason Spafford

British born, we are self-confessed thrill-seekers. Our motivating force is adventure travel, enabling our passion as media professionals. Previously, we co-ran scuba diving trips around the watery globe as instructor dive guides. Having hung up the fins, we jumped in the saddle and motorcycled our way from the bottom of the planet to the top over the last three years. Clocking over 50,000 miles from Antarctica to the Arctic—riding until we ran out of road. While we’re spirited advocates for a nomadic living, Jason is a professional photographer, filmmaker and drone pilot. With the visuals taken care of, I freelance for various travel and overland publications, review products and consult with manufacturers of apparel and gear, as well as dabble in travel journalism.

Living out of two panniers and a roll bag each is tough when one bike carries camping gear for two, while the other is devoted to tech. Every ounce by compact and durable means is paramount. Overladen bikes through technical terrain aren’t fun, which is why gloriously, Sea to Summit facilitated an overhaul of how and what we pack for the road. My favorite piece of gear is the Comfort Light Insulated Mat. This luxuriously dimpled mattress never fails to deliver night after night of bonelessly contented slumber. Jason’s jewel in the crown is the Flow Drypack. Totally weather-sealed and safeguarded from all the elements, the bag protects all the electronics, which is priceless. Beyond the Americas, Africa holds serious appeal but so do the alluring landscapes of Iceland. And Nepal! If nothing else, traveling will make you wonder if there’s enough lifetime left!

Our skills as media professionals, tied to a life of adventure, has earned us a loyal following. Join us on our journey via the website, Two Wheeled Nomad’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Jason regularly updates: his Instagram, uploads films and montages on Vimeo and YouTube, stock footage at Dissolve and underwater images on Flickr.

Tolga Basol: Ride Must Go On



I am a filmmaker from Istanbul and my passion is adventure travel. I started riding motorcycles 16 years ago and ever since I first sat on a motorcycle it has become my passion. After riding around the world for the past three years, I decided to keep going to visit the countries I haven’t yet seen. I started my new journey from California and I plan to get to South America, Africa, and South East Asia.

I have been using Sea to Summit brand products for quite some time and they have always exceeded my expectations.  I wanted to represent the brand on a global scale with my audio/visual skills while using great products in unique settings off the beaten path.

Compactness and durability are extremely important for adventure riding. In order to able to pack light without compromising comfort or functionality, Sea to Summit gear fits this requirement wonderfully. But if I had to pick a favorite, my Spark sleeping bag would be the winner. It is extremely light and compact yet with a wonderful temperature rating and comfort level for motorcycle camping.

Where possible, I create short videos of my travels, follow along on my YouTube channel, Instagram,  website, and FaceBook page.

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