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Andrew Skurka – Sea to Summit Athlete

At Sea to Summit, we’re fortunate to cross paths with some truly great athletes—climbers, hikers, trail runners, cyclists, paddlers, and other hard-core outdoor enthusiasts who embark on amazing adventures.

Andrew Skurka is one such athlete; he inspires us to make lighter, better gear. Andrew, who was named Outside magazine’s “Adventurer of the Year” and Backpacker magazine’s “Person of the Year,” has recently written a book titled The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide. The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide lists the gear, supplies and skills that you need to hike safely and comfortably.

Because our products have the same goal of helping you hike and camp with minimum weight and maximum enjoyment, we felt that Andrew would be a perfect partner for Sea to Summit. Andrew’s next adventure (albeit of a different sort!) is a nationwide book tour that includes 43 events. You can see his itinerary here. If he’s coming to your area, you really should check out his slideshow and clinic. Trust us; Andrew knows how to tell a good story. Not only will you hear some good stories and helpful advice, you might also win some Sea to Summit gear!

Additionally we’ve invited Andrew to be a guest writer on our blog and answer some of your questions. Please email your questions for Andrew to

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